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Road 58 Kutchan-Niseko Route Winter Road Closures

Due to winter road closures, Route 58 <Kutchan-cho Hanazono National Forest Group 12 Forest Gate - Niseko-cho and Ranketsu-cho boundary (Goshiki Onsen) Gate> will be restricted from 11:00 a.m. on Monday, October 16, 2023.

: Route 58, Kutchan-cho Hanazono National Forest Group 12 Forest Gate to Niseko-Rangetsu Town boundary (Goshiki Onsen) Gate
Regulatory period
: October 16, 11:00 a.m. to 2024 May 24, 10:00 a.m.

:Otaru Construction Management Department Makari Branch 
    Otaru Construction Management Department Rankoshi Branch 

Northern Road Navi ~ Information on Road closures in Hokkaido

10/9 Swiss Yodeling Concert in Kutchan


Kutchan Town has a sister city affiliation with St. Moritz, Switzerland, and next year will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our sister city affiliation.
The event will feature the traditional music of the Alps, yodeling, and the authentic sound of Swiss alphorns.
Admission is free, so please come to the venue.

:October 9th (Mon) Concert begins at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30)
: Kutchan-cho Culture and Welfare Center, Main Hall
Admission: Free
Yodeling concert featuring an alphorn player from Switzerland, the home of yodeling

【N.I.C】Book for Flu Vaccinations

Access img01

■ Eligibility
6 months old or above

■ Vaccination Fee

JPY4,000(Per shot per person, tax included)

※We recommend that children under 13 years old receive vaccinaions twice with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks.
※Advanced payment is necessary at the timing of booking and You can leave without payment.

■ Flu vaccination schedule

Dedicated slots for flu shots
: 10/28(Sat)・11/11(Sat) 2PM-4PM

※No consultation during this period.
※10 slots available per 15min (40 slots per hour)

Other available slots : 2slots per hour during normal consultation hours
※Vaccinations are carried out inbetween other appointments of normal consultation hours. Thus some waiting time will be expected.

■ Questionnair Form

Please download and fill out questionnaire form in advance for smoother operations.
※If you are Kutchan Town residents aged 65 or older or Kutchan Town residents who applied for flu vaccination financial support in advance, please do not use this form but use a special questionnaire form provided by your town office, or ask one at NIC.

Download Flu Vaccination Questionnair Form
※※You will be guided to Web Questionnair Form once you complete the reservation, however, it is not necessary for flu vaccination and please ignore.

■ Cancel Policy
Cancellation must be done one day before. In case of no-show, you must re-take reservation.

Make a Reservation for Flu Shot

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インフルエンザ予約専用枠:10/28(土)・11/11(土) 14時~16時



※満65歳以上の倶知安町民または 事前に接種補助申請手続きをされた倶知安町民は、こちらをダウンロードせずに役場でもらった専用の予診票を使うか、当日に受付窓口で専用の予診票をお受取り下さい。



WEBサイトからお願い致します。⇒ NIC予約サイト

Information Session on the “Paid Public Car Parking” Experimental Project in Niseko Hirafu Area


Kutchan Town is in the process of investigating and researching the public car parking situation in theNiseko Hirafu Area to determine the ideal design of how the parking areas should be redeveloped.
One of theideas is to turn what is currently a fee-free parking to a paid one. The Town would like to put this idea to a field test this 2023-24 Winter season, and would like to hold an Information Session to further explain the outline of the field test, hear opinions and comments from the local community, and also would like to collect any concerns the local community has about the parking and parking situations in the Niseko Hirafu area.

Date: October 4th (Web) 17:30
Venue: Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu "Tanta・an" (Niseko Hirafu 1-2-9-1, Kutchan-cho)
*The Session will be performed in the Japanese language only.

YouTube Live

Kutchan Town
Tourism Section
Tel: 0136-23-3388
Email: [email protected]

その一環として2023-24シーズンより、ひらふスキー 場第1駐車場の一部にて有料化の実証事業を始めることから、地域向けの説明会を実施します。

日時:10月4日 (水) 17:30〜
場所:ニセコ東急グラン・ヒラフ マウンテンセンター タンタ・アン
詳細はこちら   20231004 ひらふスキー場駐車場有料化実証事業説明会web配信追加

電話: 0136-23-3388
メール: [email protected]

【Niseko Model 】 Taxi shortage plan for winter

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The Hokkaido Hire Association, Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, and GO Co., Ltd. have planned the "Niseko Model" to secure cabs by dispatching cab vehicles and crew from outside the town for a limited time as a solution to transportation issues through over tourism during the winter period in Kutchan Town and Niseko Town (Niseko area).
A signing ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, and the plan will start this winter.

Click here for press release

Venue: Hokkaido Hire Association
Signing Ceremony: 13:00- (Registration: 12:30)