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Kutchan Halloween

Halloween event in Kutchan Downtown!!

Kutchan Tourism Association will organize Halloween Event in Kutchan Downtown on October 19th.

①Trick or Treat

Come to Machi no eki "Plat" and change your ticket to COURSE MAP. Visit 6 shops in your course map and get snacks!

※Guardian MUST accompany with small children.

TIME: 15:00~17:00

WHERE: Machi no eki "Plat" (North 1 West 2)

FEE: 300 yen (You have to buy the ticket in advance)

Capacity: 300 ppl

Where to buy the ticket:

JR Kutchan station Tourist Information Center (OPEN 9:00~17:00)

Sun Sportsland Kutchan (OPEN 9:00~18:00, weekday only)

②Costume Contest

Dress up in disguise! We take your photo and participants vote it!

Winner will be announced on October 23rd on our HP and FB.

TIME: 14:00~15:00

WHERE: Machi no eki "Plat" (North 1 West 2)


For updated, please check our Facebook page!

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Kutchan Night-GO bus irregular operations on August 3, 4, and 24 due to festivals

Kutchan Night-GO bus will have irregular operation on August 3, 4, and 24 for Kutchan potato festival (Aug 3-4) and Hirafu festival (Aug 24).

1) Adding a bus on August 3 and 4
During Potato Festival days, we will make special arrangement as follows,
3 Aug(Sat) 20:20 JR Kutchan station→Hirafu 2 cars on service (21:20 JR
Kutchan station→Hirafu might be also 2 cars on service, if needed)
3 Aug(Sat) 20:20 JR Kutchan station→Hirafu 2 cars on service

2) Driving irregular route on August 3 and 4
Due to Potato Festival traffic regulation, Night=go bus will skip "Plat" &
"takiguchi Sports"
on 3 August(Sat) till 21:30 & 4 August(Sun) till 21:00.
If you visit this area, please get off at "Lucky Supermarket" or "Jr
Kutchan Station".

3)Adding a bus on August 24
On 24
August, additional bus service 17:20 JR Kutchan station→Hirafu will be
The buses stop at Sun Sports Land on the way from Hirafu intersection to
The buses from Lupicia do not stop at Sun Sports Land. To travel forward
to Central Kutchan, take a bus at Sun Sports Land. Then you can go down to
the destination via Lupicia.

※Bus route and time table (usual)

2019 summer route2019 summer time table