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【CAUTION!】 There have been many bear sightings!  

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Information on bear sightings is increasing.
Information on bear appearances can be found here. We recommend that you check the information before entering the mountain.
You can check the appearance information here. We recommend that you check the information before entering the mountain.

The most important thing to avoid a bear is not to encounter a bear.
For that purpose, be sure to implement the following precautions.

■Do not go into the wilderness and act in multiple people (do not act alone)
■In Noyama, walk (activate) while making noises such as bear bells
■Be sure to bring back food and garbage without leaving or burying it.
■Turn back when you see traces of bears such as dung and footprints.
■Do not act in dark, such as early in the morning or dusk.
■Do not walk dogs where bears appear, as they may excite the bear.

If you see a bear around town, contact the Police!
Kutchan Police Station TEL: 0136-22-0110

Information Session on the “Paid Public Car Parking” Experimental Project in Niseko Hirafu Area

Kutchan Town is in the process of investigating and researching the public car parking situation in the Niseko Hirafu Area to determine the ideal design of how the parking areas should be redeveloped. One of the ideas is to turn what is currently a fee-free parking to a paid one. The Town would like to put this idea to a field test this 2023-23 Winter season, and would like to hold an Information Session to further explain the outline of the field test, hear opinions and comments from the local community, and also would like to collect any concerns the local community has about the parking and parking situations in the Niseko Hirafu area.

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【RHYTHM JAPAN】 Announces Trips by Rides for Ultimate Mountain Experience

Trips by Rides offer a range of enticing options, catering to diverse preferences and interests. Whether it's the high-level instruction of the Niseko Progression Tour, the family-friendly amenities of the Ultimate Family Tour, the exhilarating backcountry adventures of The Japow Experience, or the skill-boosting Learn To Ride Taster, there's a package tailored for everyone.

"We're thrilled to unveil Trips packages, a true embodiment of our passion for the mountains and dedication to customer satisfaction," says Tareesa Straatmans - Rides Director at Rhythm Japan. "These curated packages allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the Niseko experience, while our expert team takes care of every detail."

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Press Contact

Maya Bando
[email protected]

General Inquiries

[email protected]
+81 136 23 0164 (JP)
+61 0 8002 0164 (AU)

【MountainLights】 Extended operating period!

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By popular demand, we have decided to extend the 2023 Mountain Lights operating period until October 14, 2023! Experience the overwhelming sense of immersion and collaboration between nature and light art that can only be felt here!

OPNE till October 9, 2023 → October 14

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【Wild Hokkaido!】 Niseko's leisure and nature experience special will on air September 16!

2023 09 08

The Niseko feature that was broadcast on NHK International Broadcasting's "Wild Hokkaido!" will be rebroadcast on NHK Hokkaido Broadcasting from 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, September 16, .

A Canadian mother and daughter experience the leisure and natural attractions of the Niseko area.
Please come and experience the charm of summer in Niseko!

*You can also watch the program online by clicking the link in the photo above.