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By car

Time required
・From Sapporo on Route 230 & Route 276 approx 130 minutes
・From Otaru on Route 5 or Route 393 approx 90 minutes
・From Chitose on Prefectural Highway 16 & Route 276 approx 120 minutes
・From Tomakomai on Route 276 approx 120 minutes
・From Hakodata on Route 5 approx 240 minutes

Rental car: there is no drop-off charge from New Chitose Airport to Kutchan-Niseko or vice-versa
Toyota rent a car

By train

Time required
・From Sapporo via Otaru approx 150 minutes
・From Otaru approx 90 minutes
・From Chitose via Sapporo approx 180 minutes
・From Oshamambe approx 90 minutes
 ※There is only one train every couple of hours between Otaru and Kutchan
 ※There are only seven trains a day between Hakodate and Kutchan

By bus-Winter

Winter Season (advance booking required)

Ski Bus (Chuo Bus)

☎011-231-0500(reservation required)
Reception 7:30-18:00
Period 2021/12/10~2023/3/31
Fare Adults 3,000yen, Children 1,500yen(round trip adults 5,200 yen/children 2,250 yen)

White Liner (Hokkaido Ground Service)
☎011-624-8821(reservation required)
Reception 10:00-16:00
Period 2022/12/17~2023/4/2
Fare Adults 5000yen, Children 3500yen

Hokkaido Resort Liner (Hokkaido Access Network)
☎011-219-4411(reservation required)
Reception 9:00-18:00
Period 2022/12/1~2023/3/31
Fare Adults 4500yen, Children 3500yen

Moiza・Niseko・Airport Shuttle Bus(Long Prime)
Contact HERE
Fare  Adult 5000yen、Children 3000yen

Other buses in Niseko area

Donan Bus

Fare Starting fare¥160(Kutchan Sta. to Niseko Hirafu Adult¥400、Children¥200)

Niseko Bus
Fare Starting fare¥160
(Kutchan Sta. to Hirafu Welcome Center Adult¥400、Children¥200)
(Kutchan Sta. to Hilton Hotel Adult¥600、Children¥300)

Kutchan Night Go Bus(summer only)☀
Due to COVID-19, the night bus running Kutchan station to Hirafu is suspended for this summer.

Niseko United Shuttle(winter only)☃

Hirafu Free shuttle Bus (winter only)

★「Let's take a bus」time schedule(Kutchan-Hirafu ski area)

Summer☀ Let's take a bus 2022 summer
Winter☃ Let's take a bus 2022-2023 winter  Time Table