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Event Information for December

Event Information for December here.

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December (2019) Event Calendar

December (2019) Shu Ogawara Museum of Art

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【Dec. 1(Kutchan)】Hirafu Intersection Police Box OPEN

【Dec. 1(Niseko)】Niseko Village Skiing OPEN

【Dec. 5(Kutchan)】Shelter Movie Tour (Rhythm Japan)

【Dec. 7(Kutchan)】HANAZONO skiing OPEN

【Dec. 7(Kutchan)】Mountain Center Annex OPEN (Grand HIRAFU)

【Dec. 7(Kutchan)】Visiting World Museums (Shu Ogawara Museum of Art)

【Dec. 11(NTZ)】Night Skiing OPEN

【Dec. 13(Kutchan)】Niseko Shootout Info & Movie Night (Rhythm Japan)

【Dec. 14(Kutchan)】Talk & Video (Shu Ogawara Museum of Art)

【Dec. 21(Kutchan)】Museum Concert (Shu Ogawara Museum of Art)

【Dec. 24(Kutchan)】Santa Claus Coming to Niseko (till Dec. 25) & Fireworks (24th only) (Grand HIFARU)

【Dec. 24~25(Niseko)】Christmas Events in Annnupri & Niseko Village (link to japanese page)

【Dec. 25(Kutchan)】Christmas Mass in Kutchan Catholic Church

【Dec. 26(Niseko)】Niseko Avalanche Meeting @ Niseko Chomin Center

【Dec. 28(Kutchan)】Cinema at Museum (Shu Ogawara Museum of Art)

【Dec. 30(Kutchan)】The Collective Film (Rhythm Japan)

【Dec. 31(Kutchan)】Countdown & The Torch Light Skiing (Grand HIRAFU)

【Dec. 31(Niseko)】Year-end events in Annnupi & Niseko Village (link to japanese page)

『On Going Events』

●(NTZ)Niseko Shootout Contest (NPB)

●(Niseko) Niseko Onsen Expert Challenge

●(Shiribeshi)G20 x Shiribeshi Character Card

●(NTZ) Niseko Rugby World Cup

●(Yotei & Western Iburi) Stamp Rally

●(Hokkaido)Hokkaido Pioneer Card Rally (link to japanese page)

●(Kutchan)Skye Niseko has events everyday (start from Dec. 13)

●(Kutchan)Ki Niseko has events everyday (start from Dec. 10)

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