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Event Information for September

Event information for September.

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【September 5th ~7th(Kutchan)】Niseko Express

【September 10th ~14th(Kutchan)】Niseko Express

【September 6th(Kutchan)】Boken Kazoku

【September 17th ~21st(Kutchan)】Niseko Autumn Food Festival 2020

【September 19th ~22nd (Kutchan)】NISEKO CRAFT ART FESTIVAL 2020

【September 20th(Kutchan)】YNCA Cycling Event

【September 24th(Kutchan)】Aggie`s by Kutchan Agriculture High School

Poupelle bus is coming to Town!

【September 25th・26th (Kutchan)】Shiribeshi Food Market at Lucky Kutchan

【On Going Events】

●(Kutchan)Shu Ogawara Museum have small events every Saturday

●(Kutchan)Rental [email protected] Station i-center

●(Kutchan)Summer Gondola @ Grand HIRAFU

●(Kutchan)Kiyoe Gallery

●(Kutchan)FARMER’S CAMP July – Sep 2nd and 4th week of Sunday

●(Kutchan)Shiribeshi Museum Road

●(Niseko)Niseko Green Bike Plus@Niseko Station

●(Niseko)Niseko Onsen Expert Challenge (Niseko Onsen Club)