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Sports Parks/Facilities

Sports parks

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  • Niseko Grand Hirafu MTB Downhill Track
    The 3,000 metre trail covers 475 vertical metres, and is in prime condition for the season's first visitors. Enjoy off-road biking in Hiragu!

    Open / the middle of July-the end of September
    Time / 9:30-15:30
    Contact /☎0136-22-0109(Niseko Grand Hirafu
  • Asobi no Mori
    Explore the forest in Kutchan. A variety of activities such as climbing mountains, collecting insects are available.

    Open / Year round
    Time /9:30-15:30
    Close /Mon, Thu
    Price / Explore the forest 1000yen(Children 700ten)
  • Paintballfield Niseko
    Paintball is a game developed in the 1980s in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable and water‐soluble paintballs. Enjoy the new shooting sport - American-born, European-raised Paintball.

    Open / the end of may-October
    Close / No regular holidays
    Price / Ask us
    Contact /☎0136-23-2111(Paintballfield Niseko
    Indoor skateboard park in downtown Kutchan. Why don't you go down a ramp?

    Open /16:00~22:00
    Price / Adults 400 yen for 1 hr(Children 300yen)、Adults 900yen for 1 day(Children 700yen)
    Contact /☎0136-25-4013(LOWSTAR

Sports facilities



HANAZONO Golf ☎0136-21-7700 18holes, par72
Hanazono Golf has 18 holes to challenge, fascinate and entertain golfers.

Park Golf

Asahigaoka Park Golf ☎0136-22-2288 3courses, par27


Kitaroku ground ☎0136-22-2288 softball
Kutchan Asahigaoka Multipurpose Park ☎0136-22-2288 soccer
Kutchan municipal baseball field ☎0136-22-2288 baseball
・Hakuunso Ground ☎0136-22-1272 futsal
Lodge Koropokkuru ☎0136-22-1736 soccer, rugby

Tennis court

Shiribetsu River River Park ☎0136-22-2288 all weather 3 courts
・Chomin Tennis Field ☎0136-22-2288 clay 5 courts
Izumikyo Tennis Court ☎0136-23-3301 all weather 5 courts
Sun Sportsland Kutchan ☎0136-23-3220 all weather 5 courts
・Niseko Park Hotek Court ☎0136-22-2122 all weather 6 courts
・Hirafu Suki Organization Tennis Court ☎0136-23-3220 all weather 6 courts

Swimming pool

Kutchan municipal pool ☎0136-22-2288 25m pool
Hotel Niseko Alpen ☎0136-22-1105 25m pool

Indoor sports

Kutchan Gymnasium ☎0136-22-2288

Fish pond

Izumikyo ☎0136-23-3301

Gate ball

・Sakura Park Court ☎0136-56-011 2 courts
・Rokugo Railway Memorial Park Court ☎0136-56-8011 1 court

Camping sites

  • Asahigaoka camping site

Open / Late May - Late October
Price / Free
Caretaker / -
Facilities / 1 Kitchen, 6 fireplaces, 1 toilet、free parking, use of cars is allowed when unloading
Contact /☎0136-56-8011(Kutchan Town Office)

  • Lake Hangetsu camping site

Opne / Late June - early October
Price / Free
Caretaker / -
Faclities / No kitchen, 1 water sorce, free parking, 1 toilet
Contact /☎0136-23-3388(Kutchan Town Office)

  • Bouken no Mori camping site

Open / Middle may - early November
Price / Camping 1night 600yen(Children 400yen), day-camping 500yen(Children 350yen), 1 tent 800yen, 1 tarp 700yen
Caretaker / -
Facilities / 1 kitchen, 2 fire places, 1 water source, 1 bio-toilet, use of car is prohibited
Contact /☎0136-22-3759