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Mt. Yotei

Mt. Yotei ( 1,898 meters) is an active stratovolcano located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido. Yotei bears a striking resemblance to Mt Fuji and is one of Japan's 100 famous mountains. It can be climbed via four different routes: the Kutchan route, the Makkari route, the Kyogoku route or the kilobits route.



Don't forget to check the weather forecast before you leave, and remember not to underestimate weather in the mountains. Mt Yotei's altitude is 1,898 m. The altitude difference brings with it a drop in temperature, but aside from that, mountain weather is extremely variable and often times different from the closest urban area's weather report.

Flowers of Mt. Yotei

More than 100 alpine flower varieties bloom at altitudes above 1700m or so.

Trails & Time required

There are four trails. The Kutchan and Makkari trails are the most popular.

  • Kutchan trail Ascent:5hr、Descent:3hr45mins
  • Makkari trail Ascent:5hr.30mins、Descent:4hr
  • Kyogoku trail Ascent:4hr、Descent:3hr. 30min
  • Kimobetsu trail Ascent:4hr、Descent:3hr.45min

Kutchan trail

The slope of this forestland course is relatively gentle at first, then becomes steep after 20 to 30 minutes before easing off somewhat at Fuketsu between the first and second stations. A view spread out before you after the ninth station.

Makkari trai

After the forth station is a steep zigzagging trail. Although ropes are provided in some sections, users should take care when walking. Alpine plants grow abundantly around the ninth station.

Mountain hut

A shelter can be found along the connecting passage between the ninth stations of the Kutchan and Makkari courses. This two-story wooden hut can accommodate around 40 people, and was built for safety and as an emergency shelter for mountain users.

  • Opening:second Saturday of June
  • Closing:early October
  • Accommodation charges:1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children(elementary school age or younger)
  • Rest-house charges:300 yen for adults、200 yen for children
  • Rental:blanket 200 yen、sleeping bag 300 yen
  • Capacity:40 persons

※Be sure to bring water and food, as there is no shop at the hut.
※Rangers of the mountain stationed at the hut between mid-June and early October also monitor alpine plants in the area. Check info
※No reservations for the hut usage are necessary, but groups of 10 or more should inform the Kutchan Town Office in advance. (TEL 0136-23-3388)
※Visitors planning to stay overnight must arrive at the hut at least an hour before sunset.
※Please take all garbage (including used toilet paper) home with you.

Mt. Yotei badge

Sold in limited numbers at the mountain hut, Kutchan Town Office and information center PLAT. Badges can also be ordered by mail.

  • Kutcn Town Office ☎0136-56-8012 ※Weekdays only
  • Information center PLAT ☎0136-23-0222 ※Close Mondays in summer

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