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Event Information for December

Event information for December.

【December 1st(Kutchan)】Hirafu Temporary Police Station Open

【December 4th(Niseko Town)】Niseko Village Ski Resort OPEN

【Decmber 5th(Kutchan)】Grand Hirafu Ski Resort OPEN

【December 5th(Kutchan)】HANAZONO Ski Resort OPEN

【December 19th(Kutchan)】Mountain Center Annex OPEN(Grand・Hirafu)

【December 19th(Hirafu)】Night Skiing OPEN

【December 24th(Niseko)】Christmas Events in(Niseko Village

【December 31st(Niseko)】Year End Events in(Niseko Village

【On Going Events】

●(Kutchan)Shu Ogawara Museum have small events every Saturday