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Summerlife, Free Magazine

Free magazine "summerlife" has published!
It's designed to introduce visitors to Niseko's non-winter charms to encourage year-round tourism for the long-term benefit of the region and its people. We are still in the middle of winter, it's perfect timing to show how Niseko is great and beautiful in summer, too. It is a work full of publisher's passion!


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IBURI Food and Tourism Attractions

IBURI area's winter event will be held in Kutchan.
Flyer→27 Jan 2018 Iburi Event Flyer

●IBURI Food and Tourism Attractions
Date and time 27 Jan, 2018 11:30-14:00
Place Hotel Niseko Alpen 2F Slalom (This is limited only to restaurant user.)

・Tasting of SHIRAOI Beef
・Tasting of Scallops from IBURI
・MUKKURI Performance
・IBURI Sightseeing Brochures

●Traditional Ainu Dance & Instrument Performances
Date and time 27 Jan, 2018 16:00-19:30
Place hirafu188 (Free event!)

・Try playing Mukkuri, the Traditional Ainu Musical instrument
・Take photos in Ainu clothes
・Make some Jomon-style Accessories
・Presentation Panel Display

TEL 0143-24-9592 Email

1 27 Alpen
1 27 Hirafu188

Botanic Art Experience 2 sessions were done!

How the Botanic Art Experience was? Check out photos!

Most of the participants were foreign tourists and it seems like they were having fun!
Next session will be held on Jan 30th.
Please come to join us anytime between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.!  Flyer⇒Botanic Art Winter2017

◆Date Jan 30、Feb 15、Feb 16、March 6, Total 6 days
◆Time 2 p.m.~4 p.m.(It takes about 10~30 mins)
◆Pleace hirafu188
◆Price ¥500~

※No reservation required.
※Kids are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

【Contact】Kutchan Tourism Association(9:00-17:00)TEL 0136-55-5372 Email HERE

Free Amazake

Enjoy free Amazake at JR Kutchan Station tomorrow!

Date and time January 5th, 2018 11:00-13:00
Place JR Kutchan Station


Hirafu Yamada Shrine Hatsumoude 2018

"Hatsumoude" is the first visit of the year to a Shinto shrine.
While you're in Niseko, why not experience the New Year in a traditional Japanese way?

Yamada Shrine is located in the Hirafu area and will welcome visitors who wish to pray for happiness in the coming year. Those who visit the shrine between midnight and 2am on 1 January 2018 will be offered free "sacred sake"! Corn dog, sweet sake (traditional New Year's drink) stalls will be on site, too!

Date and time January 1, 2018 AM 0:00‐2:00
Place Yamada Shrine(Near Soup Curry Tsubara Tsubara、Izumikyo)


Rules to Pick-up and Drop-off Area at Hirafu Parking Lot#1

・To access the pick-up and drop-off area near Welcome Center is One-way only.
Driving in the opposite direction is prohibited.
Entrance is located at the upper end between Skye and Welcome Center.
Lower intersection is for Exit use only.

・You can pick up and drop off only within the designated area.
Refrain from stopping for a long period to cause traffic jam. Don’t leave your car unattended.
*If you are required to stop for a long period, please move your car to visitor’s parking area to wait for your guests.

・Clearly display the name of company on service vehicles.
・Drive with car lights on even in daytime to reduce car accidents.

Give space to others on the limited Pick-up & Drop-off area. For detais

Rulesofhirafu1 1

Botanic Art Experiece

We are holding a Botanic Art Experiential session in Niseko, Hirafu.
Let's feel the beauty of plants and flowers through making artwork with pressed flowers.
Why don't you enjoy activities other than skiing and snowboarding?
It's a perfect opportunity to know one of the great Japanese culture "OSHIBANA"!!
You can take your original artwork home with you.
Please feel free to join us!

◆Date Dec 19、Jan 9、Jan 30、Feb 15、Feb 16、March 6, Total 6 days
◆Time 2 p.m.~4 p.m.(It takes about 10~30 mins)
◆Pleace hirafu188
◆Price ¥500~

※No reservation required. Please come to join us anytime!
※Kids are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

【Contact】Kutchan Tourism Association(9:00-17:00)TEL 0136-55-5372 Email HERE

Botanic Art Winter2017

NIKI Wine Seminar

2018 Niki Town Winery Development Project –
Niki Wine Seminar (Admission Free) Let's talk about the future that Niki's wine will bring

This seminar will discuss the future of Niki that attracts attention from domestic and overseas wine makers, as well as the various possibilities of Niki wine, through the lecture by François Servin, the head of the famous French winery and expert panel discussions. Especially those interested in winery management or rural lifestyle and wine enthusiasts will enjoy this event. We look forward to meeting you.

Program 1 ... Keynote Speech
Chablis's International Branding Strategy
François Servin
Founder, Chablis Grand Cru Association

The Servin family is a historical pioneering wine producer in Chablis who has cultivated vineyards and wine making for seven generations from 1654. Current owner is François Servin, who is actively investing and drawing attention. He is also a founder of the Chablis Grand Cru Association and has a total of 32 hectares of vineyards including 4 hectares of special-class field (Les Cros, Blanchot, Les Preuses, and Gros) and 8 hectares of first-class field (Vaillant, Montee de Tonnerre, and Foret).

The average age of their grapes is over 35 years. 2007 Domaine Servin Chablis received the AC Chablis top prize at the 20-year-old “Chablis Wine Award" hosted by the Burgundian committee.

Program 2 ... Panel Discussion
"Possibility of Niki Town as a Winery Candidate"

François Servin, Founder, Chablis Grand Cru Association
Kuniyuki Kobayashi, Associate Professor, Hokkaido Graduate School (Social Economy and Rural Promotion)
Praet Carolus, Professor, Otaru University of Commerce (International Marketing)
Kazunori Ishiwaka, Representative Director and President, Niki Hills Village
Seiichiro Sato, Mayor of Niki

MC: Miyuki Katori
Food / Wine Journalist and Professor, Shinshu University

Saturday, November 4 Admission Free
Capacity: 300
Time: 13: 00 - 16: 00 (door opens 13: 00)
Venue: Niki Town Center (with parking lot) 1-36-1 Nishimachi Niki, Yoichi-gun
Six minute walk from JR Niki Station

●Otaru Station (12:35)→Niki Station(13:05)
●Niki Station (16:39)→Otaru Station (17:11)

Deadline: Wednesday, October 25th *First-come basis, closed when reaches the capacity.
Mail:Mail: JTB Hokkaido, 8F, 6-1-2Kitaichijo-nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0001
Tel: 011-271-7024

Please write your name(s), mailing address and phone number. (We will contact you if tickets are sold out.)
Organizer: Niki Town
Sponsors: Otaru University of Commerce, Hokkaido Graduate School of Agriculture